Warrior Michael Elakhe



Warrior Michael Elakhe is the Chief Instructor of African Goju Nigeria.  He began his martial Arts training when he joined Warrior David Ayutsede and his African Goju group at the Surulere National Stadium in Lagos Nigeria in 1988. He quickly moved up the grades and became a 1st Degree Black Belt in 1990. He achieved the 2nd Degree Black Belt in 1992; the 3rd Degree Black Belt in 1995; and was inducted into the Warrior Hall of Fame in 1998 for his contribution to the development of African Goju in Nigeria. He received the 4th Degree Black Belt in 2004 and his 5th Degree in 2011.

Early on, Michael excelled so much in sparring that he moved quickly into the Full-contact fights. In 1991 he upset the odds to beat the seasoned fellow Nigerian fighter Henry Akpode in Ghana to become the World Welterweight Champion in African Goju. This fight was Michael at his best when Henry refused to come out for the seventh round because he did not have an answer to Michael’s relentless attacks. Henry even resorted to biting him on the chest, to no avail.  In 1992, he defended his title against Yinka Onaolapo at Yaba Tech and remained unbeaten until 1996 when the fights were stopped due to a lack of sponsorship.

 From 1991 until 1996, Michael was the best Welterweight in African Goju. In 1992-1994 he and Yinka Onaolapo had the best self-defence demonstrations. In 1995, he proved his versatility by winning the Best Kata. In 1993, he was the Best Fighter in African Goju and along with his other achievements ultimately made him the Martial Artist of the year! He has continued training ever since with instruction from Danny Gwira and is due to become a Great Warrior next year. He will be the second Nigerian Great Warrior after Great Warrior David Ayutsede.

In the early Nineties, Michael also went to Accra and trained with the Ghana Commandos who were being taught by Danny Gwira. He also joined African Goju Ghana in performing several shows in Ghana. After David Ayutsede left Nigeria to set up African Goju in Holland, Michael joined Celestine Ifetu, Henry Akpode, Godwin Oziegbe and Ene Bassey in keeping the flag of African Goju Nigeria flying. When Celestine moved to Russia to set up African Goju there, Michael became Chief Instructor of African Goju in Nigeria in 1995. To this day however; Michael’s influence can still be felt around Nigeria as his students have continued to train on their own by using the African Goju Courses. 

Michael also holds seminars and has opened several private clubs around Lagos and is the organiser of the African Goju Festival to be held in Lagos soon. Thanks to Michael; the new breed of African Goju students like Goju Master Warrior Umai Henry Lopentz are ready to take up the mantle.

Warrior Michael Elakhe: African Goju Nigeria

Warrior Michael Elakhe performing Two Katas 

Professor Danny Gwira: Car on the stomach Stunt.

African Goju:  Impossible is possible.  (Please don't try this at home!!!)  Roooarrr!!!...Ssssss!!!