Fight Society is now the largest sport reference in Angola with a close and solid connection with Brasil. Over the course of a decade, the team has won countless titles in competitions thanks to the participation of its athletes in the main international sporting events and the solid partnerships academies in Luanda. It currently specialises in training the under-privileged in several modalities of Martial Arts (Brazilian and Traditional Ju-Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Shotokan Karate, MMA, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing) under the command of Master Ronaldo Ribeiro who has invited African Goju/South American Goju to join them. 

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Master Ronaldo Ribeiro


Master Ronaldo Ribeiro is the Founder of Fight Society. He works tirelessly teaching and encouraging his many students in Brasil and Angola taking the time to personally take each individual through the training. I would like to thank Warrior Ronaldo Ribeiro for giving me an honorary certificate and adding my name to the Fight Society Logo. He has also made me a representative for the Fight Society Foundation. Together we will endeavour to train and raise the profile of the younger generation in Africa and South America. This is a great honour to me and makes me proud to be associated with so many great up-and-coming fighters from South America and Africa. Roooarrr!!!...Ssssss!!!

Warrior Ronaldo Ribeiro in action

Master Ronaldo training one of his students

Ronaldo training another student

Warrior Ronlado takes the time to train each student individually.  Well done Ronaldo.  Roooarrr!!!...Ssssss!!!